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BB Dakota jacket, Hot Topic sparrow necklace, Club Monaco blouse

I wanted to take some pictures of my outerware because I realized I was often complaining about the weather but wasn’t showing how I was combating the cold. I love this jacket; I purchased it myself a little after Christmas. Its pendelton-esque design is amazing, and since I can’t afford any Pendelton coats in the near future, this was the perfect substitution. 

I wanted to take a picture of me smiling, as I have never really smiled in any of my pics on this site. I do smile a lot in real life (don’t let my pissed expressions in blog pictures fool you). 


 J. Crew gloves, Forever 21 velvet leggings 


 Club Monaco blazer, Hot Topic sparrow necklace, Banana Republic gold chain, Club Monaco blouse, Forever 21 velvet leggings, and J.Crew bag 

My mom bought me these boots from The Shoe Box several years back. I’m not sure what brand they are but  I wear them all the time. They’re very comfortable and are the most beautiful color (as you can tell I love anything chestnut hued).

I think I finally found a great faux fur jacket. I ordered it off of Forever 21 last night along with an adorable bracelet. My goodies should be arriving soon, along with another Valentines Day gift. I will be posting all my finds once they arrive. 

These are definitely the last of my purchases for the month… maybe even for a while. There is a slip I want to get to wear under my dresses but that will just have to wait. Now it’s time to focus on organizing my apartment and maybe sprucing it up a bit to hold all these new things!

Remember in elementary school when people used to call Wednesday hump day because it was the middle of the week? 

Well… Happy Hump Day!