Lemon Sweet Jewelry

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My cousin, Sara, and I are Etsy jewelry connoisseurs – whenever we spot a new designer we like we let the other know immediately. Sara had been searching for a long necklace and came across Lemon Sweet Jewelry while scouring Etsy. I am so glad she did! Lemon Sweet Jewelry has become a jewelry staple in our family – Sara, myself and my mom all own a necklace. The owner of the shop, Leslie, is incredibly sweet and will answer any and all questions in a timely manner – I can vouch for this as I asked a million and one. 

The necklace I purchased is the first one pictured above and I absolutely love it. I wear it so frequently I have to stop myself from putting it on – it’s just not fair to the rest of my jewelry collection. The vast selection of druzys that Leslie offers is pretty impressive – not only that, but she holds sales on her Instagram profile every month or so. 

I suggest that you keep an eye out for Leslie’s jewelry – I forsee many more great things coming from her shop in the future. 

*Collages created by Gabriela Monsanto. All photographs taken from Lemon Sweet Jewelry.