Swimwear: What kind of swimsuit is slimming?


Swimwear; how do I easily choose? To look beautiful on the beach, you don’t have to torture yourself with a diet. The right swimsuit model will make you irresistible. And if you’re still looking for it, find our tips! With the arrival of the long-awaited holidays, we women are trying to be fully armed. Before the upcoming trip to the azure sea coast, we want to correct our image, so we run to the gym, to beauticians and massage therapists. And of course, it’s all about getting into a new swimsuit and looking stunning in it! However, not all ladies know that they need to choose the right beachwear. It is necessary that he was not only beautiful but changed the figure beyond recognition, made you slim and in proportion. Before we hit the stores to buy new fashions, let’s figure out what types of swimwear there are.

Types of swimwear

There are only two types of swimsuits:

  • Separates and one-piece. They stopped being used only for tanning and became the first place.
  • Comfort and confidence in the small wardrobe.

Separate swimwear is divided into 5 main types:

  • Bikini. Open swimsuit, consisting of 2 elements: small panties and a bra with thin straps. It was created for owners of the perfect figure!
  • Tankini. The body is equipped with a top. The model hides flaws in the images: heavy hips and stomach.
  • Bandeau (split bandeau) . The name of the model comes from the French “bandeau”, which means ribbon or headband. The body “weaves” the breast, as with a ribbon, and folds and collects a visually increased small volume. It comes with or without a strap.
  • Swimming dress. At the bottom, a short skirt is added to hide the imperfections of the lower body.
  • Halter (special halter) . The skirt straps are tied around the neck, which supports the chest wall.

One swimsuit is divided into 7 types:

  • May (May). A universal model with sewn straps, suitable for most types of figures.
  • Tank (tank). The model is similar to the previous “mayo”, but with straps in one layer. It smooth’s the image perfectly!
  • Halter (combined halter). The bands are tied or fastened around the neck. The model perfectly supports the chest, shoulders visibly wider, and balance on the hips.
  • Bandeau (combined bandeau) . Strapless clothes. The swimsuit adjusts the figure visually: shortens the elongated body and balances the full thighs.
  • Plan _ Clothes with a deep cut, both front, and back. The model visually enlarges the chest and elongates a short torso.
  • Monokini. One-piece swimsuit in a more extravagant, light, and open design.
  • High neck. Sporty model with a small cut in the front. The model visually lengthens the body.

Choosing swimwear according to body type

To look irresistible in your chosen swimsuit, you need to choose it correctly and for this, you need to know your body type.

It can be of 5 types:

  • Apple. Big breasts, narrow hips, thin legs, main volume (rounded and smooth) – on the stomach. With such data, you should emphasize the legs and visually lengthen the torso, and not focus on the stomach and chest. For such a figure, a neck swimsuit with a tie on the neck is suitable. You can choose a “tankini” in the form of a T-shirt with a deep neckline and wide straps. Silhouettes with large cutouts on the hips slim legs, curtains, and ruffs in the abdomen mask a wide waist. The fabric of the swimsuit should be stretchy and tight, without shine, and the bra cups should be tied.
  • Narrow shoulders, thin waist, wide hips, and full legs. It is worth drawing attention to the top and distracting attention from problem areas. The swimsuit should visually make the hips smaller and the shoulders wider for balance. For such an image, separate and one-piece swimsuits are suitable. In separate models, the top should have thin straps (it will emphasize the arms and graceful neck), and the swimsuit should be wide (they will emphasize the waist). The silhouette’s extravagant side is balanced by draping on the bodice, foam inserts, and ruffles. The highlights of the photo are highlighted: skimpy bikinis, bikini tops with tie-ups, panties with skirts, and thigh-high cuts. Among the one-piece models are swimsuits with a wide band under the chest or thin straps. The color of the clothes should be contrasting – light top and dark bottom.
  • Hourglass. The chest and hips are equally wide, the waist is thin. Bottom and top balance. Does not require “interruption” and “camouflage” moments. Swimwear of any style is suitable for such an image, women will always look flawless. But a particularly beautiful waist will be emphasized by decorations on bodices and swimsuits: curtains, rhinestones, ties on panties. The lower part and top with narrow straps will emphasize the proportions of the figure. Although nature is not ideal, and with this type of image, there are large and small chest sizes, short or long tops. For a medium bust shape, a strappy or strapless style is suitable. For curvy breasts – the costume should be tied around the neck or worn on wide straps.
  • The hips and chest are at the same level, the waist is weak. The main task is to highlight the waist and separate the top and bottom to draw attention away from the wide waist. Owners of such a silhouette should choose a lowered swimsuit with ruffles or strings, they increase the hips from the outside. It is preferable to find a classic top with shoulder straps or strings on the neck. Styles with V-necks, high-waisted swimwear, loose tops, non-foam cups, and thin shoulder straps will help balance out the imbalance. The feminine tankini models are the best. You should not choose wide swimsuits with accessories (belts, skirts, ruffles), they will increase the volume of the hips and narrow the waist.
  • Broad shoulders, narrow hips, big breasts. When choosing a swimsuit, you need to shift the focus away from broad shoulders and draw attention to the hips. When choosing a model of swimwear, you should give models with wide straps. Drawings, asymmetric connections, deep V-notches, and vertical lines are welcome on the top of the one-piece version; bottom – flounces, ruffles, “skirts”, decorated details, and ties on the sides. Also, narrow hips adjust the swimwear models with “shorts” and swimsuits decorated with drawings.

By knowing your silhouette, you can show yourself off favorably in swimwear, which magically accentuates your assets and hides your disadvantages.


What kind of swimsuit is slimming?

With types sorted! However, each woman is special and she has characteristics of the image that it is desirable to hide and correct:

  • For small breasts, the upper part of the leotard should be chosen with cups, prints, drapery, embroidery, decorative details, and a push-up effect, which creates the illusion of volume.
  • If the stomach is too noticeable, then it is better to choose a swimsuit made of matte material, a dark palette, with reinforced inserts in the abdomen. Emphasis should be placed on the upper part, which should be bright and with a prominent neckline.
  • When buying a swimsuit, look at the seams. They should be flat, neat, and even, without protruding threads.
  • In the locker room, sit down, bend over, and turn around. You should be comfortable. If the model is too small, then you should not buy it.