Nail design: What nail designs are in fashion in 2022?

Nail design

Nail design; what type of design in 2022? Discover the trendy nail designs in 2022—ideas for stylish spring and summer manicures. When a new season begins, fashion trends change in clothing and beauty. Special attention is paid to manicures to make the image stylish, harmonious, and perfect. Only well-groomed hands will attract admiring glances. Modern coloring methods, unusual color combinations, and bright prints are used in nail design.

Fashion trends in nail design spring-summer 2022

In the spring, you want so many changes, a riot of colors, and bright impressions. It is the perfect time to forget the cold winter glow in your manicure and replace it with more brilliant colors. In the new spring-summer 2022 season, original nail coloring techniques are also essential.

Negative space

Among fashionistas, negative space is quickly gaining popularity because it looks very simple but at the same time stylish and modern. Negative space means “negative space.” This type of design’s main feature is that the entire nail plate is not varnished during drawing but only partially.

Trim and separate parts of the drawing should be left unpainted. For example, it can be any pattern – diamond, circle, zigzag, horizontal or vertical stripes, hearts, etc.

You can also use another option for applying varnish. First, the nail surface is covered with transparent varnish, where it should have a natural shade. Then a drawing is made with colored varnish.

This type of design involves strict adherence to the boundaries of the outline while drawing. To make a negative space manicure, the surface of the nail plate must be perfectly flat and well polished.

You can use not only classic manicure options, which are made in soothing colors but also brighter contrasting colors.

“Broken Glass”

It is one of the latest innovations in nail design that almost immediately proved to be at the peak of popularity. The broken glass’s effect is captivating, bright, spectacular, literally mesmerizing, and eye-catching. It seems that the surface of the nail plate has small fragments of glass that sparkle and sparkle beautifully, reminiscent of the appearance of diamonds.

This effect is achieved by using small pieces of film that are attached to the colored substrate of the nail. Today there are several exciting design options for “glass fragments.” Still, you can independently choose a combination of the color of the foil and the base varnish since there are almost no restrictions or prohibitions.

The combination of a dark blue or black nail base with fine splinters looks very interesting, stylish, and bright. This design option seems impressive, striking with splendor and depth of shade. The combination of golden foil (metal) with light gold flowers also looks attractive.


A jacket in natural colors will also be relevant in the spring-summer season of 2022. It is best to choose such colors as peach, pink, and beige, and the edge of the marigold is covered with white varnish. It is a classic version of manicure that many girls love, as it emphasizes the sense of style of its owner, and looks expensive and modern, ideally combined with almost any outfit.

In 2022, designers decided to improve the jacket slightly. They proposed to cover the edge of the nail with a strip of colored varnish, which can be in harmony with accessories, makeup, or outfit. Contrasting, silvery and bright colors look interesting.

But the most popular and stylish was the combination of black and white. In this case, the matte black varnish is used as a base, and the edge of the nail is covered with white. Combining such a manicure with glitter, decorated with rhinestones or sparkling, is ideal for special occasions and parties.

Moon manicure

Such a nail design as a moon manicure also does not lose popularity. At the height of their popularity, “smiles” were of many shapes and colors – for example, triangular, double, straight, round, concave, etc.

The border between different paint colors should not be clearly defined but with a gradient. In the new season, a bright moon manicure will be relevant, as you can undoubtedly combine varnishes, not only of different shades but also textures – matte and glossy. The three-color moon manicure was no less popular, painted the nail base, tip, and hole with different nail polish colors.

Gradient manicure or ombre

Gradient manicure has become not only an exciting novelty in the style of nail design but also turned out to be one of the most popular in the new season. With the ombre technique, several shades of varnish of the same color are used at once; at the same time, there should be no clear boundaries, and transitions are slightly blurred. Tones must flow smoothly from one to another.

A nude gradient will also be appropriate, as smooth transitions are made from light beige shades, pinks, and peaches in saturated colors. For example, the combination of pale pink with raspberry, cherry, and plum colors looks exciting and stylish. Light beige varnish goes well with coffee.

Designers advise girls to use a brighter color scheme when creating an ombre effect – sky blue flows into sapphire, mint into a deep green, and pale purple into a dark purple.

No less popular will be linear ombre, the creation that combines several colors of different colors, which go into each other in clear lines – from light to dark, strip by strip. Vertical ombre will be in demand, where a smooth transition of different shades of the same color from one edge of the nail to the other is performed.


It is another original nail design perfect for girls who prefer manicures with drawings and prints.

Stamping is a specific type of nail decoration with a pattern applied with a stamp. Such a drawing puts an impression on the picture. Stamping creates various designs and practices that are difficult to draw by hand. You can use logos at home because this design is straightforward to do.


Today’s gel polish is one of the best inventions of today, thanks to which girls can enjoy a perfect manicure much longer. In 2022, nail designs are still in demand. The current version of shellac is a two-tone solution in fashionable colors.

Designers recommend stopping choosing the following color combinations:

  • Purple and gray;
  • Pale, almost entirely transparent pink and raspberry;
  • Coffee and burgundy;
  • Emerald and neon green;
  • Scarlet and salmon;
  • Rich orange and peach;
  • Blue and sky blue;
  • Juicy yellow and sandy.

Monochromatic manicure, which is done in only one color, is also in fashion. For this, you can use light gel polish of pastel shades with a matte finish, including gel polish of bright and saturated neon colors.

Flower motive

In spring, it is recommended to use floral themes in nail design. Flowers can be applied with a unique stencil or a hand-drawn stamp. Flower decorations with rose and chamomile are also in fashion. Thanks to the use of acrylic powder for decoration, you can achieve the effect of a velvety surface and volume.

Style “naked”

It is the most natural and natural type of manicure design, truly gentle, romantic, and spring. In this case, you need to use a varnish of delicate pastel colors of pink, cream, beige or transparent. It is one of the most elegant and feminine spring manicure designs.

Nail design
Nail design


One of the main trends in the spring of 2022 in manicure design is the catchy “metallic coating.” The mirror surface of the nail plate always looks exquisite, bright, and luxurious. Marigolds painted in gentle pastel colors – pink, pale beige, light gray, blue with a glued metal vertical or horizontal strip – look interesting.

Math in nail design

Geometric patterns used in nail art are still popular. This pattern is considered universal because it is ideal for nails of any length. You can use marks in the form of stripes, zigzags, triangles, and squares but should paint them with varnish in a contrasting color.

Manicure with decorative elements for nail design

For a party, going out, or a festive occasion, a luxurious manicure is an ideal option to create shiny elements – for example, glitter, stones, and rhinestones.

For the base, you can take translucent varnish or bright contrasting tones. 3D designs are becoming popular, where creative gauge patterns with sharp points, metallic elements, pearls, etc.

Pink style in nail design

In the spring, I want romance and love, so pink is used in the design of manicures. The shade can be very diverse – from very pale to rich neon.

To decorate the pink-colored nail surface, you can use metal strips, rhinestones, hearts, flowers, drawings, etc. The combination of gold with pink and creating an ombre effect is also in fashion – a delicate pastel pink color flows into a rich neon shade.

Neon manicure

In 2022, the combination of several rich neon shades of varnish in manicure is still relevant.


Manicure done with varnish of a delicate turquoise color does not lose its popularity. The combination of turquoise with gray, beige, steel and pink looks exciting and stylish.

Point design

One of the exciting and stylish options for manicure design is using simple patterns in the form of small peas or dots, but the color can be very diverse. Drops are placed on the surface of the nail plate in any order with a thin brush; you can also use stickers.

Rainbow manicure

The latest innovation for spring-summer 2022 was the rainbow towel; a mixture of various bright shades is used in its creation. To achieve a rainbow effect, use gradients or stripes with clear boundaries. You can also paint each nail with rich, bright color and create a rainbow.

Beautiful and well-groomed golden flowers always attract attention. You can stick to the classics and use subtle pastel tones in your manicure or choose saturated and toxic nail polish colors.