Self-tanner: What is the best self-tanner out there?


Self-tanner; which should you chooses for your skin? Find out how to select the right self-tanner for your skin type and other features. How to apply, and can artificial tanning be washed? Aristocratic bleaching has long been considered old-fashioned, so almost every girl strives to acquire a sultry bronze tan. To achieve a beautiful chocolate shade, you can sunbathe in the sun, visit a solarium or use unique cosmetics, i.e.

For years, doctors have said that ultraviolet radiation is hazardous to health. Visiting a solarium is not helpful, as it can sometimes be dangerous. But do not be upset because you do not need to go to exotic islands to find velvety skin of a pleasant chocolate shade in the winter season. For this purpose, you can use a special self-tanner for the body.

The modern cosmetic market offers a relatively wide range of these products, so it is easy to make a mistake and make the wrong choice. Beforehand, it is worth familiarizing yourself with this tool’s composition, use, and procedure.

Features of the self-tanning procedure for the skin

Many years ago, the secret was discovered by artificially coloring the skin with a dark shade. In all self-tanning products, the main active ingredient is dihydroxyacetone; its composition is similar to glycerin. Thanks to this, a reaction occurs with the proteins of the keratin part of the human body. At the same time, the upper layer of the epidermis is suitable for pigmentation. The effect of self-tanning differs from that of ultraviolet rays on the skin.

Thanks to the independent use of self-tanning, the upper layers of the epidermis are not burned, as the active substances penetrate the cells, and their structure is divided from the inside.

Dihydroxyacetone was initially prescribed for people suffering from a disease such as diabetes. The drugs based on this substance contributed to the rapid improvement of the metabolic process, the normal and maintained correct water balance in the body. Scientists have noticed that the skin of patients taking this substance is darker.

It was the beginning of the mass production of self-tanning products. Additional ingredients have been developed that add particular shimmering particles called bronzers to product formulations to achieve an artificial tan. These micro-parts play a purely decorative role. For a more natural result, it is advisable to use products that do not contain shimmering particles.

Many women are interested in the question of whether self-tanning can be harmful or not. When you use this tool, strictly following the instructions, no negative consequences will appear. Individual intolerance to one of the components that make up the product may sometimes occur.

Signs of allergy and severe irritation may appear. Therefore, it is necessary to perform an allergy test before using a self-tanner. In this case, the product is applied to the back of the hand. Provided no allergic reactions occur during the day, this tool is safe and can be used.

Features of choosing a self-tanner for skin – which one is better

Each cosmetic product has its characteristics, which play an essential role in purchasing. To understand what type of self-tanner is ideal for a specific skin type, you need to understand the features of the action and composition of this cosmetic product.

Today, there are several main types of self-tanners:

  • Self-bronzers, in most cases, come in the form of creams. The effect of this remedy comes gradually. The cream contains dihydroxyacetone – a particular substance that is natural skin color. The upper layer of the skin gradually darkens, and the result will be noticeable within a day. The effect will last for about 6-8 days.
  • Bronzers are effective, but the results won’t last long. Instant staining of the upper layer of the epidermis occurs, and the skin acquires a beautiful bronze color. The disadvantage of this device is that the paint can spread from water or heat. As a result, ugly spots appear on the skin.

It is best to choose a bronzer to get a beautiful dark complexion immediately. At the same time, you must remember that it is not advisable to get caught in the rain, swim, or stay in the sun for a long time. The fact is that the spray can flow, and ugly spots will appear on the body.

If you can wait for a little, it is best to choose a self-tanner based on self-tanning. This product is safe, moisturizes and nourishes the skin, and does not dry out.

Choosing a self-tanner based on your skin type

By nature, each person has a different skin tone. This factor is influenced by the area of ​​residence, hereditary factors, climate, and the amount of melanin in the body.

It’s easy to figure out what type of skin a self-tanner is best. And for this, it is unnecessary to make an appointment with a beautician or dermatologist. Three main epidermis types are determined based on natural color – light, medium, and dark.

All these features must be taken into account when choosing a specific cosmetic product to get an artificial tan:

  • For girls with black hair, blue eyes, and dark skin, a self-tanner with a “dark” sign is perfect. The product will give a beautiful bronze color that protects the skin against harmful sun radiation.
  • For owners of light brown hair, brown eyes, and mixed skin types, it is best to choose a self-tanner marked “medium.” Medium intensity brownness blends perfectly with the classic European look, and the skin tone looks as natural and natural as possible.
  • Blondes are advised to choose products with minimum strength. Generally, this type of self-tan is labeled “light.” If the skin is too dark, then this combination will look not only unnatural but also not very attractive, especially if the hair is light in color.

Many girls, who see a large selection of self-tanning products on the shelves of beauty stores, are lost and do not know what is best for them. The choice is straightforward since it is essential to consider the strength of a particular agent, which the manufacturer necessarily indicates.

The best self-tanner products – Rated.

Thanks to numerous reviews from women who have already experienced the effects of products from different manufacturers, it is possible to compile a list of the best and quality cosmetics to get an artificial tan.

TOP-10 of the best products includes the following products:

  • One of the best self-tanner products is L’Oreal’s Sublime Bronze Airbrush. Self-tanning spray is immediately absorbed into the skin; the result appears a few hours after applying the drug.
  • A unique product was developed by Dior – a self-tanner for the skin of the face. The innovation is called Bronze Self-Tanner Shimmering Glow and has a rich and varied composition. The product gives the skin a pleasant golden hue, perfectly moisturizes and nourishes the epidermis cells, and stops premature aging.
  • Not only a budget but also a very high-quality self-tanner in the form of an aerosol is the product Nivea Sun. Thanks to this form, the spray is convenient to apply to the skin, the product is quickly and easily absorbed into the epidermis cells, and an instant coloring occurs. The product contains vitamin E, which perfectly moisturizes the skin.
  • Many girls were satisfied with the cream from Yves Rocher, which gives the skin a beautiful golden color and has a rejuvenating effect. Bronze Nature Self-Proof Lift can be used all year round and is an excellent substitute for a simple moisturizer.
  • Dove has released a lotion called ‘Gentle Shimmer.’ This tool is viral among the fairer sex. The cosmetic product is easy to use; it cares for the skin gently and carefully. The product’s composition does not contain aggressive components, as a gradual discoloration of the epidermis occurs. The result will be noticeable after about 5 days after using the cream.
  • The Garnier company continues to care for the skin of the face, which is why a unique No Streaks Bronzer mist has been developed. This spray has a dry base, thanks to the fact that it settles evenly on the tanned skin of the face.
  • The self-tanner Flash Bronzer produced by Lancome has an immediate effect. It’s ideal when you need to quickly get a lovely bronzed complexion, and there’s no time to wait several hours. There is an instant skin coloring, which gets a little glow.
  • Olay’s Complete Care Body Lotion is suitable for daily use as it is less aggressive. The product does not have the property of an instant pigment. Therefore it only balances the natural skin tone and makes it a little darker.
  • Lancaster’s Fast Dry Bronze Self Tanning Spray is one of the fast-acting products. The spray dries instantly and is absorbed into the skin; applying it before leaving the house is recommended.

There are also special self-tanning wipes, but this tool is ineffective. If such wipes are used, there is a possibility that the paint will spread unevenly over the body and lead to ugly stains.

Most girls prefer self-tanning milk, as this product perfectly nourishes and moisturizes the skin. Milk will be a real boon for those with dry and sensitive skin.

The self-tanning gel is rarely used because it is absorbed very slowly into the skin but washes off quickly. Most modern cosmetic companies today have developed special self-tanning oils. The disadvantage of the product is that it is not suitable for oily skin, as sebum production is activated.


Features of applying and removing self-tanner

To get a perfectly even skin tone, you need to follow a few simple rules for applying self-tanning:

  • It is recommended to apply cosmetics before going to bed.
  • First, clean the skin with a scrub because the color will spread evenly over the body.
  • To facilitate the use of the product, you can use a sponge, a washcloth, or special cosmetic gloves.
  • Self-tanning should be applied from top to bottom, paying particular attention to the armpits, under the knees, and behind the ears.
  • The cream must be completely absorbed before you go to sleep.
  • Skin tone can appear too dark in the morning, which can be easily corrected by simply taking a shower. It is enough to spend just a few minutes underwater, and the skin will become brighter.

In cases where the self-tanner does not give the desired results, the question arises of how to wash the self-tanner off the skin. There are several ways to apply – stop using the product. To quickly restore the natural tone of the skin, it is recommended to use a scrub. The top layer of the skin comes off, and a new layer of natural shade appears underneath. But in this case, it is essential to use a nourishing and moisturizing cream.