Makeup for redheads

Makeup for redheads

Makeup for redheads; how to do it correctly? Red-haired girls can emphasize they’re natural beauty with the help of makeup. Learn how to do beautiful makeup for redheads and how to create it. For red-haired girls, nature has given the most generous gift because they can not ignore such bright looks. The face framed by fiery strands looks very expressive. Still, to create a harmonious image, you must take care of beautiful makeup. With cosmetics, you can emphasize the advantages of your appearance and hide minor cosmetics in your skin.

How to choose the right makeup for redheads?

Thanks to the bright hair color, even with minimal makeup, red-haired girls will always attract attention because such an image is not only very moody but also arrogant, sexy, and provocative.

Choosing the right makeup for red-haired girls is not as easy as it might seem because hair colors can be very diverse – from light copper to bright fiery. Therefore, when choosing makeup, you need to consider the shade of the strands and your color type.

Choice of foundation

First, you must be very careful when choosing a foundation, as it depends on how well and harmonious the makeup will be. The main characteristics of the appearance of red-haired girls are the presence of freckles, snow-white skin, literally glowing from the inside, and blue eyes.

This type of color is perfectly combined with translucent pigments in light beige natural shades and ivory cream, which gives the skin a little glow.

Freckles can give their owner a unique charm, innocence, and naivety. But some girls like to disguise them with makeup and apply a thick foundation. However, makeup experts do not recommend using this particular technique, as the effect of a mask is created. An ideal option would be to use unique covers with a whitening product or correction.

When choosing mats and toning cosmetics, it is worth considering the skin tone on the neck and not the color of the freckles. Otherwise, the face will appear very dark. It is worth stopping the use of bronzer or self-tanner because, as a result, the contrast between light skin color and bright hair color will be too sharp and ugly. The most natural and natural makeup is in vogue using a minimal amount of cosmetics.

For brunettes and brown-haired women with a darker skin tone, choosing a foundation with a peach or golden color would be an ideal option. Owners of red hair are best suited for warm tones.

It is important to remember that the chosen dye for a red-haired beauty should not include a pink hue in its composition. In this case, the foundations will create the effect of a rough mask. It is recommended to use concealer to hide redness and swelling. Makeup experts advise giving a translucent and light foundation, preferably CC cream or BB cream.

For oily skin, it is worth using mineral cosmetics and compact powder. If the skin is perfectly smooth and there are no problems (for example, rashes, pigmentation, etc.), do not use too much makeup – it will be enough to apply a light, loose powder.

Uses blush

For the blush on the skin to look as natural and natural as possible, it is necessary to choose the right cosmetics, which should be in harmony with the natural face.

As a rule, red-haired girls do not look lovely with cool tones of blush. For those with warm skin tones with hazel, hazel, or green eyes, apricot, peach, coral, tawny, terracotta blushes, and cappuccino are ideal.

For girls with light porcelain skin and bright blue eyes, provided that there are no freckles, to emphasize the natural beauty of their appearance, it is recommended to choose a blush of warm tones – for example, delicate peach and beige -pink colors.

Owners of red hair are advised to choose products that contain reflective particles, thanks to which the face becomes more contrasted and brighter.

Makeup experts do not advise applying too much blush in makeup for redheads because it will be enough to use a small amount of the product on the cheekbones so that the face will be fresher and less expressive.

Pattern on eyebrows

Even though today the significant fashion trend is dark and wide eyebrows, they are unlikely to be harmoniously coordinated with red hair. Makeup experts say that the eyebrows should not look too bright and play the opposite. The image must be as natural as possible.

Also, the eyebrows should not be very light and merge with the skin because the face will be dull and lose expressiveness. That’s why makeup artists advise red-haired beauticians to blend their eyebrows from time to time on their own at home or a beauty salon.

 Suppose the complexion is warm, considering the strength and lightness of the shade of the hair. In that case, it is recommended to pay attention to the muted and soft colors – for example, the shadow of camel hair, peach brown, reddish brown, and the color that matches the shade of curls.

The best option for owners of natural red colors is brown eyebrows, so they are as natural as possible and not too bright.

If your skin tone is calm, chocolate or ash browns are ideal.

Product makeup

Owners of red hair can use gloss and lipstick for lips in almost any color; the most important thing is to maintain the right balance of the color of curls, as well as eye makeup, so as not to create a rude and provocative look.

An ideal option would be to emphasize the eyes with subtle matte shadows and use richer shades of lipstick or lip gloss. However, if the eyes are painted bright, there is no need to put more emphasis on the lips. For example, a translucent glow of a delicate shade or lipstick in natural shades will do.

Red-haired girls can use bright red shades of lipstick in their makeup. However, it is worth remembering that such makeup with pale skin will look too provocative, and it is worth using this option for the evening.

Not the best choice would be a combination of lipstick in the same shade as the hair. In this case, it is best to choose a product that is 1-2 shades lighter or darker than the curls. Scarlet lipstick goes well with soft red tones of strands. If your hair is henna, you should choose wine or maroon lipstick.

Coral is an excellent alternative to red lipstick, perfect for almost any occasion. To highlight the natural beauty of red hair, makeup artists advise choosing muted and soft lipstick tones and orange tones.

Makeup for redheads
Makeup for redheads

How to make up the eyes?

An ideal option for the everyday makeup of red-haired girls is the choice of muted beige and brown shades – for example, golden, sand, coffee, cognac, cappuccino, etc. All these colors are perfectly combined with bright red hair, and the resulting image will be harmonious and as natural as possible.

Every red-haired girl knows that various shades of green are a great option – emerald, moss, khaki, light green, and dark green. All these shades can be safely chosen when creating eye makeup for redheads.

If desired, you can emphasize the shape of the eyes with arrows using eyeliner or pencil. Makeup experts advise red-haired girls to give up a lot of black colors, as such makeup will be too bright and provocative, more suitable for evening time. It is worth stopping the choice of dark blue, chocolate brown, and smoky gray colors.

The combination of several eyeliner colors simultaneously looks very interesting and modern. For example, a light shade is applied to the inner corner of the eye and a darker one to the outer. This technique will help to expand your vision visually.

Makeup experts advise red-haired girls to use turquoise, malachite, and any nut-tone shade. If you choose colored eyeliner, you can completely abandon the shadows. In this case, it is recommended to use brown or black mascara.

Red-haired girls must be cautious if cool sunglasses are used with eye makeup. The image must create as naturally and harmonious as possible. For this, it is necessary to apply warm shades of lipstick or lipstick.

Nude makeup for red-haired girls

Women with red hair have a very bright and unusual appearance, so there is no need to use a lot of makeup.

To create the perfect makeup, we recommend the following tips:

  • With the help of a concealer, which should be more than one tone lighter than the skin, masks or other minor cosmetic products, including dark circles under the eyes, are hidden.
  • A transparent tonal foundation will help to even out the skin tone (it is advisable to choose a product with a slight glow effect); it is also a great way to emphasize the natural beauty of red-haired girls.
  • Using a pencil that matches the shade of your hair can help accentuate your brows.
  • A small amount of blush in a delicate peach shade is applied to the prominent cheekbones.
  • Small arrows are drawn to emphasize the shape of the eyes. For this purpose, you need to use a chocolate brown pencil. Then light brown translucent shadows are applied, and the arrows are slightly shaded.
  • With the help of mascara, the eyes become less expressive. It is best to choose a dark brown product.
  • Lipstick in a natural peach shade is applied to the lips; a translucent glaze is also suitable.

When choosing makeup for red-haired girls, you must consider that the shades of curls can be very diverse. There is no need to be afraid of experiments because only in this way can you choose perfect makeup options for yourself to emphasize natural beauty and create a stylish, harmonious, and ideal image.