Lipstick: What color lipstick to choose in the summer of 2022

color lipstick to choose

Lipstick will be in fashion in the new season of 2022, with rich colors Marsala, fuchsia, peach, red, and wine. The rules of their use for different looks and the choice of suitable lipstick for day and evening makeup. Lipsticks that will be trendy this summer are rich shades. They will help you be the center of attention and emphasize the image. The rich color palette allows you to choose the best day and evening makeup option.

Trendy lipstick colors 2022

The right choice of makeup guarantees a flawless appearance. And must take into account the main fashion trends of the season. If we talk about spring-summer 2022, there will be two favorites: natural style and rich grape colors. The latter is perfect for evening makeup, and “naked” will suit the office during the day. Consider the main trendy lipsticks of 2022.

Marsala lipstick

The velvety red Sicilian wine gave the name of this lipstick. Classic red in this tone is diluted with brown notes. In 2022, this color will be at the peak of its popularity.

A lipstick of this color suits almost all women, regardless of skin type. However, independent women trust to use this color in their image. Marsala makes them luxurious and unique. In other cases, this tone can visually add years.

If you feel independent and bright, choose this color for your evening makeup. It will not be challenging to take the rest of the components. After all, Marsala does not set strict requirements for the combination technique, like the classic version of red.

The only nuance you need to pay attention to is the solo of this tone in makeup. Therefore, the perfect choice would be a pastel palette of light colors for the eyeshadow. More saturated shades will give the paint a vulgarity, making you look distinctive.

Wine lipstick

Wine-colored lipstick has been popular among fashionistas for more than a year. The role in this was played by films and series about vampires, which are so fashionable among young people and the creative elite today.

The peculiarity of the wine color is the ability to create a classy and unique image of an elegant woman with a light touch of lipstick. But only if the tone is right.

After all, the name “wine color” combines a vast palette of various shades: ripe plum, currant, rich burgundy, sweet raspberry, dark cherry, vampire red, purple, etc. Such a choice will make it easy to choose a tone for any color type and actual events.

When applying lipstick, remember that you shouldn’t let your eyes stand out when accentuating your lips. Otherwise, it may destroy the full effect.

Fuchsia lipstick

The color of fuchsia is bright pink lipstick, which girls and women like so much for several seasons. A beautiful shade is perfect for any color type and age. I can use it both with makeup during the day and at night. At the same time, you won’t look provocative or inappropriate.

Fashion experts know that a bright accent on the lips is the “final point” of makeup. Fuchsia lipstick is unique in this regard. It revitalizes and rejuvenates the face and draws the eyes to it.

Unlike classic red shades, this lipstick does not change the face’s proportions and allows you to look perfect day and night.

Every girl or woman can use the fuchsia color on the lips without hesitation; it suits her hair, skin type, or oval face. This lipstick is versatile and suits everyone.

Fair color lipstick

In the spring-summer of 2022, this tone will be viral. After all, fashion for natural makeup has remained unchanged. Thanks to the peach color, you can easily emphasize the beauty of the lips and give them fullness, tenderness, freshness, and shine. Many women mistakenly believe that the peach palette is suitable for daytime or office makeup. Correctly chosen tones emphasizing the natural beauty of the face will make you look adorable at a festive event. Peach lipstick is like a beautiful dress and high heels. It makes a woman more attractive, slimmer, and more desirable.

But it can ruin this charm if the shade is chosen incorrectly. For example, lipstick on lighter skin tones can make your face look gray. The peach color includes many shades – apricot, pink, tan, bronze, sand, powder, etc. Must choose them according to your skin type.

A peach-colored lipstick with a light hot pink undertone is considered universal. However, it also has its limitations. It is not suitable for girls with a Nordic complexion. Its use enhances their natural whiteness.

It is worth noting that modern men do not perceive this tone as makeup, in contrast to more intense and darker tones.

Red lipstick

Red lipstick is a classic color that is always trendy. It is a genuine cartridge that shoots a person straight to the heart and knocks him out on the spot. This color is suitable for any woman – blonde, brunette, brown-haired. His main requirements are perfect facial skin, well-defined lips, and self-confidence. Only in this case, the red lipstick will look good.

For discreet daytime makeup, this color is not suitable. But using red lipstick in evening makeup gives you a finished look and sets the necessary accents.

How to choose lipstick color for a specific look

To look perfect, you must not only know, understand and follow fashion trends but also consider the peculiarities of skin type, face, and appearance. This way, you can create the perfect image of a confident and stylish woman. An extensive palette of trendy shades allows you to do this without problems.

Choosing lipstick according to eye color

Today, makeup artists use three types of lipsticks. Their separation depends on the palette. All pink colors are included in the cold group. Peach, orange, and coral are hot. Lipsticks in beige, terracotta, and brown are in the neutral group. In addition to the above division, lipstick varies in intensity: light, dark and saturated.

The open gaze of beautiful eyes can charm and win over the interviewer.

And for the effect to be perfect, the tone of the lipstick must match them:

  • Will emphasize the beauty of gray eyes with soft beige and plum tones.
  • Blue becomes irresistible with sponges of pinkish pink color and ripe cherry color.
  • Terracotta lipstick and red and orange colors emphasize green eyes.
  • Brown eyes can shade the depth of the look with bright red, brown, and pale pink lipstick.

Choice of lipstick according to skin and hair color

Your skin tone has a significant impact on your choice of lipstick. Wrongly chosen shades will worsen the look and deprive it of its charm.

Top hair, skin combinations, and the best lipstick for them:

  • If you are the owner of pale skin and dark hair, then the colors of grapes (plum, cherry) and fuchsia (hot pink and scarlet) 2022 are suitable for you.
  • The owner of pale skin and light hair can choose one of the shades of peach (pale pink) and fuchsia (scarlet, medium pink).
  • A charming lady with dark skin and hair will emphasize her image with lipstick in golden beige, bronze, terracotta, and ocher tones.
  • For dark skin and fair hair, caramel, warm pink, salmon pink, and ocher are the best choices.
  • Owners of peach skin and dark blonde hair can themselves choose one of the shades of pink and nude.
  • Coral and salmon colors, pink, and terracotta are suitable for representatives with red curls and light skin.

In addition, you need to pay attention to age. For very young, fresh-faced girls, warm peach tones and pale pink tones are best suited. But mature women need to give preference to saturated colors. But do not choose too dark (plum, currant, purple). This range will further emphasize age.

color lipstick to choose
color lipstick to choose

Choose lipstick according to lip size.

Every woman has her lip size. Thanks to the right choice of lipstick, they can be slightly enlarged or reduced, depending on the need.

Sometimes the wrong shade turns the mouth into a tiny dot or, on the other hand, makes it too thick and big. So if you have small wrinkles around your mouth, you should not choose pearly lipstick for daytime makeup. Leave her in the evening.

If you have full or thick lips, choose matte shades of medium and neutral brightness. But it is better to refuse bright saturated hues.

For thin lips, you must choose lipstick with mother-of-pearl or gloss. It will visually increase their volume. Dark matte tones, on the other hand, will have the opposite effect.

How to choose lipstick for day makeup

Lipstick puts the final accent on a woman’s image. That’s why choosing the right color is so essential. In a makeup bag, a woman should have lipstick just for life, whether it’s a party or an everyday trip to work.

A large part of half of the time is spent during the day at work. A woman should look stylish and confident even in a dry office space.

Commercial makeup involves minimal cosmetics, but the purpose is only to emphasize your features. In this regard, lipstick is a must.

You need to apply the selected shade on a finger pad to choose the right color. It is more common for many people to test lipstick on their wrist, but the skin color on the places is much closer to the color of our lips. Therefore, the effect will be better.

Another important nuance. Consider the tone in daylight. It will allow you to evaluate your chosen lipstick accurately.

Light tones with medium brightness characterize makeup during the day. After all, the purpose of daytime lipstick is to emphasize the natural beauty of the lips and prevent them from drying out and harmful environmental factors. In addition, it should be in harmony with your clothes and the image created.

Characteristics of the choice of lipstick for evening makeup

The brightness and saturation of colors characterize the makeup of the evening. When using it, it is worth remembering that artificial lighting causes glare and all shades look lighter.

When choosing a lipstick, remember that dark saturated colors make a face look older. But the light palette is youthful. In addition, lipstick should create accents. If you decide to highlight the eyes, you should take the lighter lipstick. And if you want to draw attention to your lips, don’t hesitate to choose a rich color.

Be sure to pay attention to the color of your clothes. Lipstick should not merge with it; otherwise, you risk a single stain. Choosing a lipstick a few shades darker than the outfit is better.

If you love bright club parties and are not afraid to experiment, feel free to choose a color palette for you (blue, yellow, orange, or green). But remember that this lipstick is not suitable for daytime makeup.


Choosing the right lipstick is an individual and challenging matter. It depends on your external data, usage time, and personal preferences. And our recommendations will help you simplify this process significantly.